Monday, 10 September 2012

Adventures abound

So August was not only my birthday month, but also the official start to my goal of crossing off my 30 "must do" items. One of the points on my list is to go on an adventure at least once a month with Charlie. When we first met we were practically tripping over each other to come up with fun dates and exiting things to share with one another. Fast forward 5 years and the rush to impress and delight has slowed to a moderately paced jog. Keeping things fresh and exciting takes real work...and by striving to do one out of the box thing together each month I'm hoping to recapture some of that fresh faced excitement we once held so dear. August was full of adventure: a picnic in the park with the local ducks, a tubing adventure at the Elora Gorge (which resulted in major bodily injury to yours truly), a family outing to Stratford, and getting to meet Canadian superstar Chantal Kreviatzuk in my hometown of little old Amherstburg. I'm not sure how September will measure up, but if you have some ideas on how to put a little adventure into our lives, I'm all ears!

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