Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Beginning

So I've been hemming and hawing (is hawing even a word?) over starting this blog; primarily because I knew that the first post was going to be the most difficult.  It's just so...awkward.  I imagine this is how it feels to write a profile for oneself on an online dating site...how do I make them want me?  After some reflection, I realized that most likely, the only people who will read this blog regularly are my girlfriends Jillian and Rachelle-because well, they are ridiculously supportive friends and always excited to get into a good blog, and my husband because I will quiz him on it nightly.  That being settled...here it is, the first post.

I've also thought long and hard about what this blog will be about; I don't have a hobby like beekeeping or sustainable farming, don't have an etsy shop where I create dreamy headpieces that I can feature here, and don't take gorgeous photos that end up on the "most popular" section of
Instagram...so really, what else is there? 

With the (fast) approach of my 29th birthday (August 19th for those of you who want to send a gift) I've been reflecting on some things that I'd like to accomplish in the short 15 months before I leave behind my late twenties to join the big 3-0 club.  I've come up with a list of 31 things (one extra for good measure, you know) that I'd like to have happen before my 30th birthday.  I've tried my best to be realistic (I really wanted to put-spend the summer on the Amalfi Coast-but that's probably not in the cards) and to set some truly attainable goals.  I know this is not the most novel idea-a list of goals...but nothing says "hold me accountable" like a public blog, and I'm hoping to both keep a record of how I go about striking things off this list, and satisfy my need to write-which has lay neglected since my long forgotten livejournaling days.

Hopefully I'll accomplish everything on this list...and perhaps learn a few things along the way.


  1. ...ridiculously supportive? I won't disagree! Great first post and great goals for the next 15 months! I'm particularly fond of "Find my 'go-to' Alcoholic Drink of Choice" because it allows for multiple opportunities to find the 'just right' drink and enjoy many 'close to just right drinks' in the meantime!

    I've also thought about blogging for some time and never felt like I had anything worthwhile that people would want to read about…I think you've found a gem here! Wish I would have thought of it first!

    Come over to my house sometime soon so that we can bake some pies from scratch! Love you Carli-Horse PS Vegas? Really?

  2. Great first post Carli!

    I can definitely identify with a lot of your goals - especially eating at a Chuck Hughes restaurant! I am headed to Montreal May 2-4 and you are welcome to join me :)

    One piece of advice - wait to get the tatoo until the end of the 15 months otherwise you won't be able to donate blood every 56 days ;)

    Keep it up!

  3. Sam you brilliant girl! I'll hold off on the ink until the requisite number of blood donations have been made!

    I would love nothing more than to have dinner in Montreal with you...but you should go check it out for me...and if Chuck Hughes is there for Pete's Sake, get a photo!


  4. as new blogger myself, i totally applaud this effort! I'm particularly interested in hearing about: pie baking, dinner party, gnocchi making, going vegetarian and loving the crock pot (big surprise??) Two recent articles I loved and thought you might like below. Good for you for stepping out here- i love your voice.