Monday, 30 April 2012

A May Without Meat

(Via Rob Kelly Illustration)
 Jumping right in to my list of goals (there's no time like now, right?) I've decided to make May the month I attempt to go vegetarian.  A vegetarian lifestyle is one that I have been curious about for what seems like forever.  Growing up the daughter of a butcher, with meat as a staple part of almost every dinner, it never seemed like a viable option for me.  Much like the aunt in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, my mother has often offered to cook Lamb for my vegetarian friends coming for dinner; so, there's that...

The more I read and converse with those who live a life without pulled pork, the more interested I have become in trying this in a way that will allow me to experience the health, nutritional, and environmental benefits that come with this choice in an authentic way.  I feel like a month will give me a good look into the life of a vegetarian, and will also give my body some time to respond to the changes I will be making in a way that is measurable. 

I have some amazing friends who are excited to share their experiences and recipes, so throughout the month I'll be featuring some "guest bloggers" (imagine!) along with my own thoughts on how I'm making out with the challenge.

If anyone has any tips, tricks, advice, or recipes to share...send 'em over stat!

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  1. hi carli, congrats on your undertaking, i went meatless and dairy free foe 3 mons. also cut out all whites at the same time, lost a bunch of wt, started exercising and felt much better, the first 3 days were the most challenging good luck hon, will be eager to hear how it goes for you