Friday, 18 May 2012

Pasta Party

So I've been trying really hard to avoid pasta during this month without meat.  I know that it's an easy and filling alternative...but I also know that carb loading is not going to do me any favours in the long run-and if I let myself get too far down that road, there might be no turning back.  Pasta has always been a staple of my diet, having parents who immigrated from Italy meant that I was exposed to the glory of pasta in so many ways, at so many turns (for further proof see my grade 5 class new meaning to the word meatball).  I found this recipe for Spaghetti in Garlic Gravy on Tumblr, and although the recipe originally called for chicken, it was easy to omit the meat without sacrificing the taste.

Some tips:
-I used vegetable stock instead of the suggested chicken stock
-I dumped the cherry tomatos in with the butter and garlic to soften them up and give the "gravy" some colour and a sweeter taste
-I added the basil at the very end, I personally think basil tastes the best when it is fresh and hasn't been too affected by heat.

Anyway, it was delicious...and as an added bonus-my house smelled like garlic for 2 full days afterwards ;)

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